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Lead Generation, Nurturing & Conversion explained and demonstrated in a 7 Days Live Workshop

Workshop Starts On : Oct. 11, 2020 to Oct. 17, 2020
Time : 7:00 PM to 8:00PM (IST)
(Recording Of The Workshop Will Be Available )

Who can benefit from the Profitable Facebook Lead Funnel Workshop?

Are you facing the same problem as 80% of the people who run Facebook Lead Ads?

As a digital marketing agency owner I get one question asked over & over in my workshops with business owners

“Shibaram! I am able to generate leads but not able to follow up & convert them to buying customers”

Most of their complaints are,

“I am getting leads but most of them are fake”

“People are not picking up my calls”

“Leads don’t reply on follow up”

“The lead is interested but does not have the budget”

And many more...

Profitable Lead Funnel Explained in Just 3 Minutes

While it’s important to have an optimised Facebook ad in getting leads, it is also equally important to have a proper follow-up/lead nurturing strategy in order to convert those leads into sales

Imagine a situation where you not only have an optimised highly converting Facebook ad designed but also a properly planned out strategy to follow up with those leads & converting them to sales

What would that do for your business?

Do you think it will bring you more sales for your business?

Well that’s exactly what I cover in this course which not only takes care of the necessary Facebook ads skills but also goes in-depth in creating a proper follow-up/lead nurturing strategy planned out in order to close those leads into buying customers

And the best part is,

All the strategies discussed inside the course are based on my 3 years of experience working with 300+ business owners across different industries.

Hence all of the content are practical knowledge that has been personally tested by me with my clients in my agency 


Why This Course Is All You Need To Master Sales With Facebook Lead Ads

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Here's What You Will Learn Inside The Workshop



Introduction To Facebook Ads

  • What are Facebook ads & how they are different from other ads
  • Setting up of Facebook Business Manager
  • Setting up of Facebook pixel on website
  • Understanding important Facebook metrics to track


Pre Lead Preparation

  • How to find your ideal customer
  • Market research & creating your targeted audience
  • Calculation of ROI before starting the ads
  • Understanding important Facebook metrics to track


Creating Your
Lead Ad

  • How to write ad copies that convert
  • Designing highly converting ad images
  • Facebook ad targeting & launching your first ad
  • What information should we collect in lead forms


Automation & Follow Up

  • How to manage leads with SMS alerts & CRM
  • Understanding Facebook leads centre
  • How to write follow up email sequences that get opened & clicked 
  • How to follow up leads on WhatsApp, Messenger or SMS


Lead Nurturing

  • Nuturing old as well as new leads & converting them to paying customers
  • How to remarket your current audience with Facebook remarketing
  • Sales pitching & conversion techniques
  • How to segment your leads


Lead Optimisation

  • How to optimize your budget to get better results
  • Optimizing your ad campaigns to get better quality leads
  • Tracking your overall ad campaigns results
  • Coming up with new ad ideas

Workshop Starts On : Oct. 11, 2020 to Oct. 17, 2020
Time : 7:00 PM to 8:00PM (IST)

(Recording Of The Workshop Will Be Available )

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Live Q&A sessions with industry experts from Education, Real Estate, Technology, Health, SAAS & Coaching


Learn how to use Google Keywords Planner to hyper target your audience on Facebook


Learn how to convert your other leads from Google, Justdial, Website etc  with Facebook


Learn how to repurpose your old leads that didn't convert to turn them into paying customers


Facebook copywriting techniques & sales strategies that help you convert & close deals.


10+ real life Facebook Lead Ads case studies from different industries & 20+ templates & checklist to be used

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3 Months access to our Exclusive Facebook Group & Live Doubt Clearing Sessions

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(Recording Of The Workshop Will Be Available)

Eliminate guess work & plan your Facebook Marketing Campaign the right way

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Workshop Starts On : Oct. 11, 2020 to Oct. 17, 2020
Time : 7:00 PM to 8:00PM (IST)

(Recording Of The Live Workshop Will Be Available )

A Note About Shibaram Mishra

When someone asks Shibaram, “what do you do?”, he replies,

“I help people and business grow”.

Shibaram is an Indian Institute of Management Certified Digital Marketer with 20+ years of experience in web, software development, business development and digital marketing, Shibaram had the opportunity to work with 300+ small business owners as well as international organizations like United Nations.

He is also a trainer and served as a Guest Faculty for IIM Jammu, and taught Digital Marketing.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Workshop Starts On : Oct. 11, 2020 to Oct. 17, 2020
Time : 7:00 PM to 8:00PM (IST)

(Recording Of The Live Workshop Will Be Available)

Yes. This course assumes that you know nothing about Facebook ads and takes you step by step in explaining all the concepts without making you feel overwhelmed with all the technicalities involved

No worries! We provide 3 months support & access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can get all your wuries answered

Yes! If your business is a type of business where one requires a constant flow of leads & proper follow up in order to grow your business that this course is definitely for you

Not at all. All the softwares mentioned are fairly simple to use

It is a 7 day course with 7 video (2 hours each video)

No problem! Shoot me all your questions at & I would be more than happy to answer them

Increase Your Conversion Rates & Generate More Revenue For Your Business